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Recovery & healing is possible. Trust in the process.

If you have suffered sexual violence and you are feeling seriously distressed right now, please remember… this is not your fault, you deserve better, and recovery is possible.

Click on the button to the right to get help straight away. Staff at these organisations understand the effects of sexual violence. They will support you through your current distress and help you work out ‘What next?’.


Many people who have been subjected to sexual violence undergo emotional crises at certain key times as a result:


  • You might be in crisis or breakdown straight after abuse or assault has occurred.
  • Or you might find yourself feeling hopeless or overwhelmed by stress later on - especially if you have never talked about the original abuse or assault, or had any help to recover from it.
  • Sometimes taking challenging steps during recovery, like starting therapy, can initially make a survivor feel very apprehensive or vulnerable.

Please be reassured that this all these reactions are normal, even though they are very painful to experience, and that things don’t have to be this bad forever.


Even the most painful feelings can lessen very quickly, given the right support.


And remember - it is your choice when to seek help, who to approach and how much to tell. It is up to you whether you go for counselling, ring a helpline, or email a support service.


It’s your choice whether to use the same service more than once, or look for something different that suits you better next time.


Everyone is unique and that includes survivors.


Seek the support that is right for you, when you need it, for as long as you need it.