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A healing journey is as long or as short as it is…

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused in childhood.


23% of women and 6% of men are subjected to sexual violence in adulthood.

Welcome. This is the page for partners, family members and friends of people who have experienced sexual violence.


You may have only just found out about their experience, or you may have known about it for a long time. Either way, as long as someone you care about is living with the damaging effects of sexual abuse or assault, then this is likely to create profound challenges in your life, too.


It is never easy to come to terms with knowing that someone close to you has been subjected to sexual violence.


You may be shocked and confused. You may want to help the survivor but feel you are being pushed away.


Or maybe you are struggling with feelings of resentment at having to face the issue at all. There may also have been practical implications causing you further distress, such as loss of income or loss of contact with family members.

But there is a lot of advice and support available to you.


This can help you address your own feelings about what has happened, and learn how best to support your partner, family member or friend while they move forward with their healing.


Sexual abuse and assault are crimes which can cause terrible pain to victims, families and communities - but healing and recovery are possible for everyone.


Trust in the process.





I am a Survivor:

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