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Lean into the silence, listen to what it has to say Tim, survivor

Approximately 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused in childhood.


6% of men are subjected to sexual violence in adulthood.

Healing and recovery are possible.

Welcome. This is the page for men who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood or sexual assault in adult life.


Please know that you are not alone.


Also know that you are not to blame. Whatever the circumstances surrounding each instance of abuse or assault, the responsibility for sexual violence lies with those who carry it out. No-one else.


Everyone reacts uniquely to the experience of being sexually abused or assaulted, but it’s true that the emotional effects are often painful and confusing in the extreme.


It might sometimes seem as if you will never feel safe and fulfilled again. If abuse occurred early on in your life it might be hard for you to even imagine what it’s like to feel good.

But healing and recovery are possible. For everyone.


Thank you for taking the courageous step of visiting this site to seek information or support.


Now trust in the process. Be prepared to lean on others when you need to, but, at the same time, always follow your own instincts and set your own pace on your journey of recovery.


This is about you, now - about your well-being and what you want out of life.


I am a Survivor:

Men talk about sexual abuse -

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8 - Things could be better


* Matrix would like to thank the above male survivors and their supporters at for permission to share their insights.