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Welcome to our resources section.


If you are aware of other helpful resources that we have not yet included, please let us know.

When you are accessing the information and services listed, please -

  • Pace yourself
  • Be selective
  • Be aware that some materials about sexual violence and abuse, and about recovery from these experiences, can trigger painful feelings even when they are sensitively produced and useful.
  • Be aware that not everything that is helpful has to be painful! Take the time also to access resources that help build up your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Know that you can change your mind about what support and information is best for you at any stage.

There are also some similar tips tailored to male and female survivors on this site.


Accessing therapy

From the NHS website


At risk of offending


Stop it Now! believes sexual abuse is preventable and urges abusers and potential abusers to seek help and gives adults the information they need to protect children effectively. Stop it Now! encourages adults to create a society that no longer tolerates the sexual abuse of children.’


Other support

The Samaritans offer confidential, non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide.’